To open the minds of the American youth to music, dance, and culture from around the world... to celebrate diversity with the hope that becoming familiar with different ethnic rhythms and sound, one can grow more culturally aware. To invite students to embrace each other's culture where our human similarities can be recognized and our differences accepted.


With a world map and a stage full of exotic instruments, Sean exuberantly takes his audience on a musical journey from country to country, sharing stories and performing national rhythms and dances that span up to 16 countries and five continents. Students will be shown a symbiosis between music and culture while allowing participant interaction in a learner-centered environment. Lectures last 45 minutes with 15 minutes for a Q & A. They normally take place in a school auditorium and/or multipurpose room, and close with a performance showcasing the different rhythms and instruments in one song.


The students gain knowledge on exotic instruments, rhythms, and dances from around the world. They have the opportunity to recognize, analyze, and hear connections in sounds that showcase a cultural marriage of the world’s music and how it can harmoniously blend collectively. Inherently, they will begin to understand that the music in their historical, social, and cultural contexts can evolve when approached with an open mind and no boundaries. Lastly, instructors will be given a source for further exploration with a playlist of the 'greats' from more than 15 countries as an option for the students to research on their own. The interactive website will offer a wealth of information as well as contact information for follow up questions and instruction.


Sean is a professional musician, composer, performer, educator, and producer of multi-cultural, world-hybrid music. He has an insatiable desire to find music that is not commonly heard and/or found in the mass media. He has dedicated the last 25 years to exploring music from different countries through his travels and research. These lectures give students the opportunity to share the vault of knowledge that Sean has collected in the midst of a current focus on globalization, multi-culturalism, and inclusion.

CONTACT: 248.515.4791



  • University of Michigan- Flint,
    Flint, MI
  • Maybury Grade School,
    Detroit, MI
  • Clawson Middle School,
    Clawson, MI
  • Ozone Youth House,
    Ypsilanti, MI
  • Ortiz Middle School,
    Santa Fe, NM
  • Liggit Middle School,
  • Grosse Pointe, MI
  • Plymouth/Livonia High School,
    Plymouth, MI
  • Brown Elle Middle School,
    Grosse Pointe, MI
  • Grosse Pointe Acadamy,
    Grosse Pointe, MI
  • Burns Grade/Middle School,
    Detroit, MI
  • The Dearborn Academy,
    Dearborn, MI
  • Charles H Wright Museum of African/American History,
  • Sampson Academy,
    Detroit, MI
  • University of Michigan- Flint,
    Flint, MI