Blackman/Arold - Self Portrait

Self Portrait 1996
This debut recording of all original music marks the beginning of a career of combining instruments from around the world. Creating unique forums and unconventional ways of approaching composition and orchestration by use of all acoustic traditional instruments authentic to other countries.

Sean Blackman - Acoustic steel string guitar
John Arnold - Acoustic steel string guitar
Dennis Sheridan - Percussion

Special Guests:
Michele Ottesen - violin (Self Portrait)
Teresa Henrichs - Viola (Self Portrait)
Autumn Dunbar - Cello (Self Portrait)
Russ Miller - Flute (Passage)
Pat Prouty - Double Bass (Passage)
Kim Ballard - Vocals (When They Play)
Lavell - Vocals (When They Play)
Ben Temkow - Violin (The Labyrinth)

String section in ‘Self Portrait’ and vocal melody in ‘When They Play’ written and arranged by John Arnold

Produced by John Arnold and Sean Blackman
Co-produced by Dennis Sheridan and Chris Staels
Engineered and mastered by Chris Staels
Paradise Post, Farmington Hills, MI
Cover photo David Knott 
Cover Art by Gary Arnett at Acme Digital Design Labs
Copyright 1996 Blackman/Arnold all rights reserved

1. Self Portrait (Arnold/Blackman)
2. Prayers Dance (Arnold)
3. After The Fall (Blackman)
4. Passage (Arnold)
5. When They Play (Arnold/Blackman)
6. As If I Knew (Blackman)
7. Fall Of Illusions (Arnold/Blackman)
8. The Labyrinth (Arnold/Blackman)
9. Bonus Track (Dennis Sheridan)

  • Self Portrait
  • Prayer's Dance
  • After The Fall
  • Passage
  • When They Play
  • As If I Knew
  • Fall Of Illusion
  • The Labyrinth
  • Bonus Song