Sean Blackman - In transit

“Sean Blackman – In Transit” a modern hybrid of old world sounds blended with Detroit jazz presenting 13 world acclaimed musicians from Senegal, Brazil, Armenia and Detroit who also perform with Grammy-award winning acts such as Peter Gabriel, George Benson, Youssou N’Dour and The Buena Vista Social Club.

Release Date: 4/21/2009
Label: Complex Records

Sean Blackman - nylon & steel string acoustic guitars
Pathe Jassi - up-right bass, backing vocal on Fouta Toro
Mady Kouyate - kora
Wendell Harrison - clarinet
Ara Topouzian - kanun, duduk
Meta - vocals on Fouta Toro & Annur
James Wailin - vocals on Siren Song
Nanny Assis - Pandeiro, vocals on Lilica
M’baye Diaye Faye - sabar, djimbe, congas
Assane Thiam - tama
Danny Cox - surdu, octobons, cymbals
Larry Fratangelo - shekere, caxixi, cuica, triangle, gong
Mark Sawasky - tar, riqq

All songs written and produced by Sean Blackman
Co-writers - pathe Jassi, Mady Kouyate, Meta, Nanny Assis,
Jeff Ehrinpreis Scot Sheikh
Co-producer - Pathe Jassi
Recorded mixed and mastered by Jerry Boys
Recorded at the White Room Studio, Detroit
Mixed and mastered at Livingston studios, London
Photography by Cybelle Codish
CD art design by a Asha Vida

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