Sin Hielo

“Sin Hielo”
Detroit-based power trio offers an exotic blend of weaving the electric and acoustic guitars with high energy, syncopated hybrid drum kit and percussion creating a sound fused with Latin, Brazilian, Armenian, Jazz and Rock.

Sean Blackman: nylon string guitar, finger snaps on 'Ballada Menor de Amor', vocals on 'Dona Diabla'
Wayne Gerard: electric guitar and variax modeled sitar; nylon string guitar solo on 'Window Sill', vocals on 'Dona Diabla' and 'So What'
Rick Beamon: hybrid drum kit and assorted percussion; congas, timbales, vocal percussion on 'Sin Hielo', vocals on 'Dona Diabla' 

Special Guests
Dan Schmatz: percussion on 'Chan Chan'
Lisa Montes: flamenco dance, palmas and taconeo on 'Dona Diabla', 'Sin Hielo' and 'La Paloma Blanca' Vicki Treglowne: palmas and taconeo on 'Dona Diabla', 'Sin Hielo' and 'La Paloma Blanca'
DJ Invisible: turn tables on 'Sin Hielo' 
Ilene Blackman, Liz Larin and Leigh Simard: vocals on ‘Dona Diabla’

Produced by Wayne Gerard for FilmHarmonic/Hedrock Music
Co-Produced by Sean Blackman & Eric Morgeson 
Additional Production by Rick Beamon
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Studio A in Dearborn, MI
Engineered by Eric Morgeson
Assistant Engineers - Jezreel Santos & Todd Fairall
Additional engineering and mixing by Wayne Gerard at The Hedroom
Mixed by Eric Morgeson, Wayne Gerard & Sean Blackman
Mastered by Eric Morgeson

Logo design by Craig Elliot
Logo treatment by Taj Edwards

All songs published by 2011-2012 Tonson Music (BMI) and 2011-2012 Complex Music (BMI) except where noted. 
p & c 2012 Complex Records, Detroit, MI All rights reserved

1. Dona Diabla 6:47 (Gerard/Blackman) 
2. Dr Macumba 4:47 (Earl Klugh 1977 EMI Unart Catalog Inc BMI)
3. Sin Hielo 5:18 (Gerard/Blackman)
4. 75 to 94 4:31 (Gerard/Blackman)
5. So What 2:30 (Miles Davis 1959 Songs of Universal Inc/Jazz Horn Music Corporation ASCAP)
6. Ballada Menor de Amor 6:47 (Gerard)
7. Kashmir (John Bonham/Jimmy Page/Robert Plant 1974 Flames of Albion Music Inc/WB Music Corp/Warner Chappell Music Inc ASCAP)
8. La Paloma Blanca 5:29 (Gerard/Blackman/John Arnold)
9. Manha de Carnival 5:46 (Luiz Bonfá/Antônio Maria 1959 Anne Rachael Music Corp/ Warner Chapoell Music Inc ASCAP)
10. Chan Chan (Compay Segunda Buena Vista Social Club)
11. Wayne's Song 6:43 (Gerard)

  • Dona Diabla
  • Dr. Macumba
  • Sin Hielo
  • 75 to 94
  • So What
  • Ballada Menor de Amor
  • Kashmir
  • La Paloma Blacca
  • Manha de Carnival
  • Chan Chan
  • Wayne's Song